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Nuriee On Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

Jika anda ingin mencari beasiswa di luar negeri seperti student excange atau pun short course anda harus pandai pandai membuatpersonal statement agar anda diterima
Berikut kami kasih tips membuat personal statement yang baik..
1.      Ceritakan tentang diri anda sebagaimana aslinya jangan terlalu berlebihan akan tetapi tidak terlalu menutup nutupi
2.      Gunakan grammer yang baik
3.      Periksakan hasil pekerjaan anda kepada guru atau dosen yang berpengalaman agar ada sedikit pembenahan....
Berikut kami kasih contoh personal statement yang baik

Muhammad Nuryanto is my name. I came from the small village that the citizen generally work in the field so did my father also. I’m interested in English when I was in the third year of senior high school. I have the good teacher that strongly supports me in developing my English namely Mrs. Rahayu. She said that English is the answer of my life, you can get anything with it. After that I am really interested in English and really want to improve my English especially in speaking ability.  After knowing this program I know that it is the appropriate program to answer my entire dream.
The other way that I use it to answer my dream, I’m joining in international class program in my collage. I speak English every day in my collage, so my English ability be better day after day. But studying in the native country is the best way to study about language. I often joining the leadership training when I was in junior and senior high school, and I ever become the chief of student organization in my junior high school, that is the proof that I’m good in leadership.
If I have chance joining in Study of The U.S Institute (SUSI) for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues, it will be a good occasion for me to answer my entire dream. Like what I have said before that studying about language in the native country is the best way to make my dream obvious that is to become a professional English teacher. And I would make that good experience to be useful in my country and my community.
Salatiga,  December 1st 2011
Muhammad Nuryanto


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